Documents, Alternatives #4, online exhibition, 2020

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Documents, Alternatives #4

Various login views of the self-curating exhibition, 2020


The on-line exhibition ‘Documents, Alternatives #4’, curated by Angela Bartram, aims to isolate, address, find and utilize appropriate means to translate a diverse range of practice digitally whilst remaining true to its artistic intent. It offers a series of responses through the format of an on-line exhibition of ephemeral artworks, that is designed to self-curate with each user visit. The artworks have undergone physical and conceptual change as they have travelled through each of three gallery situated exhibitions as part of the series already, with this being the fourth. Each iteration is an integral part of a conversation, with the artworks adapting and transforming with each exhibition to form a continuing dialogue. With the three previous gallery-based ‘Document, Alternatives’ exhibitions, this online, self-curating (in that it selects the view each viewer gets when loaded),  version sets the agenda for how the ephemeral artwork is re-staged via non-tangible means to produce a document that is both virtually static and physically unfixed.

This is #4 in the series of interlinked physical and virtual exhibitions.  The archive for the whole project can also be found on this site, including: #1: Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent, 17 November – 16 December 2017 #2: Verge Gallery, Sydney, 18 January – 24 February 2018 #3: BSAD Gallery, Bath Spa, 20 April – 1 May 2018.


link to the online exhibition and project archive

Antonym: Life With and Without Animals, online exhibition, 2020

Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 14.35.32

Artcore Gallery, online, 2020

The exhibition ANTONYM: Life With and Without Animals presents the work of eight artists from the UK, USA and Iceland. Each makes artwork that engages with the more-than-human world, reflecting on contemporary threats to nonhuman life as well as on the pleasures of our relationships with other species. The exhibition coincides with the online conference Life With and Without Animals at the University of Derby, and both events are organised and curated by Steve Baker and Angela Bartram.

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Dog Walking for Talking, 2017


Nottingham Forest Recreation Ground, 2017

Dog walking is often a solitary experience, a time to be alone with one’s fur-coated companion in the park or when treading the pavements. It provides a chance to find clarity, composure and calm, and a space to think and connect with oneself, with the environment and our chosen pet dog. Yet the experience additionally presents opportunities for connection with others, those who may equally be enjoying the same activity, or who may just like animals, interactions that would otherwise perhaps not take place. An open hand offered to a stranger in greeting is a familiar and acknowledged expression of warmth and conviviality, and dogs are often the recipients of such a tender and friendly gesture. For many it is difficult to resist a dog’s approach for affection, and the experience allows for pleasantries and informality between people. For a wet canine nose and wagging tail invites the welcoming touch of a stranger’s handand this contact initiates conversation with the humans presentThe experience connects more than just human and canine strangers, as it allows people to meet and talk who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. 

Dog Walking for Talking is a project to connect those who would not normally meet to talk around a particular theme or subject. This includes artists, local communities, specific demographics, and specific genders, amongst others. We meet, we go for a walk, we talk ;  people and their dogs. 

Human School (Be Your Dog!) at Animals of Manchester, Manchester International Festival 2019

Human School (Be Your Dog!) was a two day event at Animals of Manchester as part of Manchester International Festival 2019. It took place 20-21 July 2019.

Inspired by her own dog, the artist Angela Bartram turns the concept of the dog school around. Here, she asks the dogs to be the teachers, showing us how to become a part of the pack, connect across companion species and to be more ‘dog.’ On the first day of Animals of Manchester (including HUMANZ) students of the Human School are bringing their own dogs to explore their relationship on a connected and empathetic level. On the second day, Angela has invited dogs from Dogs4Rescue for human students to experience companionship with and to get to know.

Photos: Lee Baxter 196A9051 196A9056 196A9049Photo credit: Lee Baxter

MIF Animals 2019 52613 MIF Animals 2019 52626 MIF Animals 2019 52628 MIF Animals 2019 52627Photo credit: Chris Payne


Reading Animal Theory to Animals (2017-currently)

300 dpi Dog

Reading to Oscar

Still image, 2018


Reading to Cats

Reading to Boo and Grebo

Still image, 2020


Reading to Horses

Reading to Harvey and Star

Still image, 2020


At an animal studies conference in March 2017 I noticed that although discussions were of the subjects being sentient and cognate, the delivery was for humans alone. Essentially, animals have no opportunity to understand the theories written about them, and so I have become  engaged in artwork to address that situation. Since that conference I have been reading animal theory to the domestic three, dogs, cats and horses, to provide an opportunity for them to hear (and I hope understand) the  writings of which they are the subjects.

Santa Dogs, 2017 (single screen online edit)

Betty Blizen & Blue Cracker and Reg Harley Kitty & Rufus Mike Oscar Polly Ruby


Santa Dogs

Video and installation stills, 2017


Shown split across two monitors ‘In the Window’ at Airspace Gallery (Stoke on Trent UK) as part of the exhibition Documents, Alternatives #1. This exhibition I curated ran 17 November – 16 December 2017. The original two monitor version was made specifically for the exhibition at Airspace.

This single screen version is intended for online purposes. Follow the link: Santa Dogs 2017

366: 366 (eventually)



50 of 366 prints from the plate ‘366 Breaths’ installed at Airspace as part of Documents, Alternatives (#1) 2017


61 of 366 prints from the plate ‘366 Breaths’ installed at Airspace as part of Documents, Alternatives (#1) 2017


Detail of number 1 of 366 prints from the plate ‘366 Breaths’ installed at Airspace as part of Documents, Alternatives (#1) 2017


Detail of number 21 of 366 prints from the plate ‘366 Breaths’ installed at Airspace as part of Documents, Alternatives (#1) 2017


Detail of number 61 of 366 prints from the plate ‘366 Breaths’ installed at Airspace as part of Documents, Alternatives (#1) 2017

For the leap year of 2016 I exhaled on an etching plate every day. 366 breaths layered on the same surface, in the same place, and at roughly the same time. The accumulative breaths charted the process of isolating and capturing those layered singular exhalations, and now the act is being reversed through repetitive laborious methods. ‘366:366 (eventually)’ is a work in process, a series of prints made from the etched plate to match the number of breaths which scored it’s image. The work is unfinished and in a state of process itself, growing as more prints are added during its time in a gallery,  reaching the full 366 eventually. But will come later, elsewhere, for the work leaves the  gallery as much in process as when it entered until it is complete. 

Etchings, 2017-18