366: 366 (eventually)


Etchings, 2017

50 of 366 prints from the plate ‘366 Breaths’ (2016)

For the leap year of 2016 I exhaled on an etching plate every day. 366 breaths layered on the same surface, in the same place, and at roughly the same time. The accumulative breaths charted the process of isolating and capturing those layered singular exhalations, and now the act is being reversed through repetitive laborious methods. ‘366:366 (eventually)’ is a work in process, a series of prints made from the etched plate to match the number of breaths which scored it’s image. The work is unfinished and in a state of process itself, growing as more prints are added during its time in a gallery,  reaching the full 366 eventually. But will come later, elsewhere, for the work leaves the  gallery as much in process as when it entered until it is complete. 

live art, video, objects