Human School (Be Your Dog!) at Animals of Manchester, Manchester International Festival 2019

Human School (Be Your Dog!) was a two day event at Animals of Manchester as part of Manchester International Festival 2019. It took place 20-21 July 2019.

Inspired by her own dog, the artist Angela Bartram turns the concept of the dog school around. Here, she asks the dogs to be the teachers, showing us how to become a part of the pack, connect across companion species and to be more ‘dog.’ On the first day of Animals of Manchester (including HUMANZ) students of the Human School are bringing their own dogs to explore their relationship on a connected and empathetic level. On the second day, Angela has invited dogs from Dogs4Rescue for human students to experience companionship with and to get to know.

Photos: Lee Baxter 196A9051 196A9056 196A9049Photo credit: Lee Baxter

MIF Animals 2019 52613 MIF Animals 2019 52626 MIF Animals 2019 52628 MIF Animals 2019 52627Photo credit: Chris Payne