Licking Dogs (video stills), 2008

Licking Dogs 1

Licking Dogs 2

Licking Dogs 3

Licking Dogs 4

Licking Dogs 5

Licking Dogs 6

Licking Dogs 7

Licking Dogs 8

Licking Dogs

Stills from single screen projection 2008

Licking Dogs was developed and reworked for single screen in 2008 to focus on each dogs precise interaction with the woman, with the dogs appearing on screen one after the other. ┬áThis radically shifts the focus from an earlier ‘dog pack’ audibly loud version on four floor based monitors of 2007 with one dog per monitor, that included the woman in the pack grouping. Each version is available for exhibition.

No dog was harmed in the making of Licking Dogs and non were forced to take part. Each dog worked in collaboration with the artist: they were licked as an invitation to take part and it was up to them how they responded.

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