PhD (2010), MA (1998), BA (1992), HEA Fellow (2013)

Angela Bartram is a visual artist making work as live art, video and sculptural objects. Her research is concerned with definitions of the human and animal, mouths, thresholds and “in‐between” spaces. Her work is based on a  series of ‘co’s': co-dependency; co-habition relationships; co-mpanion relationships; co-llaboration.

She is Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln in the department of fine art and is leading a funded project, The Alternative Document, which comprises exhibitions, symposium and published text.

Bartram is also engaged in research on the connections between performance and situated writing as part of the collaboration Bartram O’Neill, who exhibit, perform and publish on the subject.

http://phone.online.lincoln.ac.uk/abartram (university staff page)

live art, video, objects