PhD (2010), MA (1998), BA (1992), HEA Fellow (2013)

Angela Bartram is a visual artist making work as live art, video, sculptural objects and published. Her research is concerned with definitions of the human and animal, mouths, thresholds and “in‐between” spaces and the reactivation of the documentation of transient art forms. The work is based on a  series of ‘co’s': co-dependency; co-habition relationships; co-mpanion relationships; co-llaboration.

She is Associate Professor and Head of Arts Research at the University of Derby and leads The Alternative Document, a project which comprises exhibitions, symposium and published text. Bartram is on the Executive Board for the Society for Artistic Research. She is a peer review panelist for Project Anywhere global exhibition programme (University of Melbourne), and Emotion, Space and Society journal, and consultant for The Danish National School of Performing Arts journal. Additionally she is a member of the steering group for Contemporary Visual Arts Network East Midlands, and is an advisor to the project  Broken Grey Wires.

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live art, video, objects