Be Your Dog

A DIY project for the Live Art Development Agency staged at KARST, Plymouth, 2016.

Be Your Dog is about establishing relationships beyond the hierarchies of pet and owner. This will see participants and their dogs attend workshops over two consecutive weekends to learn how to establish empathy, equality and connection. This will include learning strategies for dog and human to ‘be’ equals with each other and developmental discussion. A concluding public event will be staged following the workshops where all participants, human and dog, will perform as collaborators.

This project forms part of DIY 13, a Live Art Development Agency initiative developed in collaboration with the following partners: Artsadmin, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Chapter, Colchester Arts Centre, Compass Live Art, Create (IRE), DaDaFest, Delfina Foundation, Folkestone Fringe, Forest Fringe, hÅb, Heart of Glass, Home Live Art, KARST, Live Art Bistro, The Marlborough Theatre, National Theatre, Southbank Centre, Tate (Early Years and Family) and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The Alternative Document

The Alternative Document is a project that comprises a symposium, an exhibition and published texts.

The project seeks to expand on the idea of the ephemeral artwork and its loss by offering a platform where alternative acts of legacy can be discussed. Through this I am positioned as ‘inter-‘  moving between the various modes of output and through the positions of artist, curator, writer, organiser, principle investigator.

The project, which began in 2015, includes:

A symposium Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, 12th & 13th February 2016. Keynotes by Tim Etchells (paper) and Jordan McKenzie (performance). Presentations and papers by Annalaura Alifuoco (UK),  Hector Canonge (USA), Ana Carvalho (Portugal), Rachel Cherry (UK), Luce Choules (France/UK), Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton (UK), Stewart Collinson (UK), Kate Corder (UK), Rochelle Haley (Australia), Min Kim (UK), Sophie Kromholz (UK), Anya Liftig (USA), Chiara Passa (Italy), Andrew Pepper (UK) and Louise K. Wilson (UK).

– An exhibition –  Project Space Plus, Lincoln, February – March 2016.  Artists: Bartram O’Neill (UK), David Brazier & Kelda Free (Australia), Hector Canonge (USA), Rachel Cherry (UK), Luce Choules (France/UK), Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton (UK), Kate Corder (UK), Tim Etchells (UK), Chris Green & Katheryn Owen (UK), Rochelle Haley (Australia), Jordan McKenzie (UK), Andrew Pepper (UK) and Louise K. Wilson (UK).

A guest edited journal dedicated to the Alternative Document – Studies in Theatre and Performance, to be published 2019.

Bartram O’Neill

The collaborative research of Angela Bartram and Mary O’Neill focuses on the documentation of ephemeral practice and it’s inclusion in live events. Bartram O’Neill produce work in performance, sound, image and published text.


2016                Chisenhale Space, London

2015                Horse and Art Research Centre (Barnag, Hungary)

2015                Summer Lodge, Nottingham Trent University

2014                Gray Zone for Performance Art (Kingston NY, USA)

2012                Grace Exhibition Space (New York, USA)

2005                Adult Education Centre, University of Nottingham


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