Life With and Without Animals, University of Derby (organiser) (Derby 2020)

Feminist Canine Ethnography: Unravelling human-dog relationships from a gender perspective, University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam 2020)

SAR*11, Society for Artistic Research 11th annual conference, Bergen (conference and programme committees) (Bergen 2020)

Dogs and the Elderly: companionship as practice in practice, InDialogue, Derby Theatre (Derby 2019)

Animal Remains conference, University of Sheffield (Sheffield 2019)

Dogs and the Elderly: the significance of interspecies companionship towards the end of life, Creative Ageing seminar series, University of Derby (Derby 2019)

SAR *10, 10th International Society for Artistic Research Conference, conference committee member, Zurich University of the Arts (Zurich 2019)

Artist’s talk as part of the Live Lecture series, Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham 2019)

Dogs and the Elderly: the significance of end of life interspecies companionship, ARC Forum, The Hague (Amsterdam 2018)

(Un)Common Worlds – Human-Animal Studies Conference, Turku University (Turku 2018)

Beside the Screen, Instituto Universitario da Maia (ISMAI) (Porto 2018)

Prancing Poodles and Preposterous Pugs: Live Art and Other Animals, Live Art Development Agency (London 2018)

Documents, Alternatives: a Symposium of Artistic Process and Practice, originator, organisor and speaker, Bath School of Art and Design (Bath 2018)

7th Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference: Animal Intersections, Univertsity of Adelaide (Adelaide 2017)

Living with Animals 3: Co-Existence/Seeing with Animals (presenter, session chair, and reviewer for artists portfolios), Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond USA 2017)

The Alternative Document, originator and organiser,  University of (Lincoln 2016)

The Body: Out of Time and Without a Place, Contemporary Art Centre, (Vilnius 2015)

Confining Bodies stream convenor, London Conference in Critical Thought, Royal Holloway University of London  (London, 2013)

Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains, speaker, York St. John University (York, 2013)

Confined Spaces, speaker, Corpus Christi College (Cambridge, 2012)

London Critical Conference, speaker, Birkbeck University of London (London 2012)

Environmental Utterance, performer, University College Falmouth (Falmouth 2012)

Fixed? Architecture, Incompleteness and Change, speaker, University of Plymouth (Plymouth, 2011)

Politics of Fear; Fear of Politics, speaker, University of Brighton (Brighton, 2010)

PSi# 16: Performing Publics conference, speaker, York University and Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto, 2010)

Narrative Space conference, speaker, University of Leicester (Leicester, 2010)

Culture, Politics, Ethics conference, speaker and panel chair, ID-net (Salzburg, Austria, 2010)

Meet Animal Meat conference, speaker, Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden, 2009)

EASTdiscourse, speaker, Norwich University College of the Arts (Norwich, 2008)

PSi#14: Interregnum conference, speaker, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, 2008)

PSi#13: Happening/Performance/Event conference, speaker, New York University (New York, 2007)

Intimacy symposium, speaker, Goldsmith’s College (London, 2007)

Re-Sensitized symposium, speaker, Future Factory (Nottingham, 2007)

5th Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities, selector (Honolulu, 2006)

4th Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities, speaker, (Honolulu, 2006)

PSi#11: Becoming Uncomfortable conference, speaker, Brown University (Rhode Island, 2005)

Annual CCE Conference, speaker, University of Nottingham (Nottingham, 2005)

Interdisciplinary Landscapes: Post Feminist Practices in the Arts conference, speaker & performer, University of Northampton (Northampton, 2004)